Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apollo the Baby Gorilla Adoring his Mom

Apollo and Bomassa are still doing well
I normally get out there to the zoo about once a week to check on the boys, but this holiday season has been crazy busy.  I have missed a few visits and I have missed making a few posts. However, I did manage a quick visit last week and found the moms and the babies huddled together in the straw trying to keep warm. Western lowland gorillas are native to the rainforests of central Africa, where it tends to be a little warmer than the typical North Carolina winter day. So on very cold days, the animals in the Africa part of the zoo might be kept inside. On this day, it was animal's choice, so we were lucky to see them.  Apollo is now crawling away from his mom a few steps, but here in this shot he is gazing up at her in his adoring way.