Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Gorilla Swings on a Branch

Gorilla Jungle Gym

Here's Apollo upside down and swinging on a stick. This appears to be what's left of a small tree which once grew amongst the bamboo in the Forest Glade.  There is a big fallen log too, as well as a large gorilla jungle gym. Some zoogoers seems to think it's a tree, as it is made out of something that either is, or looks like tree trunks. It's perfect for adult gorillas who can climb up the logs, set like rungs of a ladder, but it's just a little too big to be interesting to the babies yet. Although one of the volunteers did mention that Bomassa somehow managed to climb all the way up one day and could not get down again. His doting mother Jamani went up after him and brought him back to safety.