Monday, July 22, 2013

Apollo Playing with Daddy Gorilla's Colossal Hand

Last week,  after the big commotion upon the return of Acacia, little Apollo was thoroughly pooped when his mother finally calmed down and brought him over to the straw for a much needed rest.
For the next hour or so, he kept venturing over to one massive pile of silverback gorilla otherwise known as our own beloved N'kosi. Even the big boss himself had found the events of the day exhausting! For the longest time, Apollo just lounged on the straw, lying on his back, and reaching up to play.
Look at the size difference as Apollo reaches for a hand to play with
Just about all of Apollo's head easily fits in the hand of N'kosi, who tenderly curls his fingers round his son's head as Apollo winces
Apollo stays with his daddy for awhile. He's having a great time
Because of those opposable toes, you have to keep in mind that some of the four little hands you see here are actually feet!

As son of the dominant female, Apollo is thought to have some extra privileges with his dad. N'kosi is also very sweet and caring with Bomassa too, in my opinion, but Jamani was over in the bamboo while all this was happening, and Bomassa, as usual at his age,  was hanging out with her, so Apollo had Daddy all to himself.
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