Monday, August 19, 2013

Eyelashes a Mile Long

Apollo was having a low key day last week when I went out to see him at the North Carolina Zoo, where I go weekly for my fix of cute baby gorilla photographs. He was busy with a couple of jobs, one of which was to point his finger and try to touch some of the beetles which had landed on the frame surrounding the glass. Bomassa came to help, but it was not working. No matter how many times the baby gorilla boys reached for those bugs, the beetles flew away. The two gorilla brothers were also fascinated with the slick that had formed when some rain had gotten onto the rocks under the overhang. Raindrops mix with the soil there. That makes a little mud that's fun to poke at and swish around. Baby gorillas are curious about the world, always investigating, always learning. In this photo, Apollo is looking down, doing one of those activities, not sure which. But I thought you would like to see how long this beauty boy's eyelashes are! 
Apollo Gorilla