Friday, May 9, 2014

Keeping Tabs on Apollo

Jamani had been resting under the overhang, keeping warm in the straw as she often does after lunch. Apollo showed up as she was cuddling with Bomassa. If you've been following these pages, you can guess why. He wanted to do a little wrestling with his big brother! And Bomassa is always game for that.  So the boys started baring their teeth, and biting on each other and raising their arms to each other and so on and so forth.

Jamani will tolerate a little bit of that, but she has her limit. It must be kind of annoying when you are just trying to take a nap and the little boys just want to cause a big ruckus. Eventually, she calms things down, normally by restraining Apollo. You can see her putting her arm on his leg here. In a very gentle way, she's looking him right in the eyes, and letting Apollo know that it's time to leave his big brother alone for a little while.