Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gorilla Friends

A New Bag and a Friend for Acacia Gorilla

Acacia is sporting a sack on her back. On burlap bag day, she loves to pick up one of the bags and throw it over the top of her head, or over her back, and walk around with it.  The bags are part of a rotation of enrichment devices. Each day the gorillas come out and find some things to play with. They each seem to have their favorites. N'kosi used to like to sit in the big tubs. And the boys like the rings. Acacia loves those bags.

Acacia, center comes to visit Jamani, left. Bomassa is over on the right edge

But that's not the big news. Even more fascinating during my visit last week, was Acacia's friendship with Jamani. Something of a loner, Acacia is constantly on the outs with Olympia, the dominant female in the troop. But Acacia gets along fabulously with young Bomassa. And here she is nosing up to Bomassa's mother Jamani. This was such a treat to see!  Jamani is relaxing in the pond, near her boy. She is munching on grasses and leaves when Acacia comes over to play kissy face. Acacia hung out for a good little while and the two ladies seemed to be enjoying each other's company.

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