Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Furry Gorilla Jumble of Arms and Legs

Two baby gorillas touching!

Rarely do I get to see both the baby gorillas together, but on my last trip out to the North Carolina Zoo, there was a great jumble of sixteen gorilla limbs,  underneath the window as mothers Olympia and Jamani huddled close together, during their midday nap.  They were still keeping those babes under wraps, mind you, but were allowing them to reach out and touch each other. Exciting stuff.

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Jamani had her hand on Apollo's head for a a bit,  and Olympia rested her hand on Jamani's foot.  Jamani was okay with that, as long as she, Jamani, could keep a hand on top of Olympia's. Eventually Olympia's hand started to reach towards Bomassa. New readers of this blog might be interested to know that Olympia once took Bomassa away from Jamani and nursed him for almost a week. Jamani, always  wary of a repeat occurrence,  just wrapped Bomassa up a little closer to her chest and turned over and faced the wall and went back to sleep.