Monday, March 18, 2013

Mama's Boy

Long gorilla arms

As do all baby gorillas, Bomassa has some pretty long arms. And his mom is graced with two hefty legs, of considerable girth. Using both of those long (and muscular!)  arms, he is grabbing onto Jamani's leg as tight as tight can be. He will not let her go. But she is bee-lining over to some food she wants to pick up, and she is not stopping for anything.

Bomassa's on Twitter
So he is trying his darndest to scurry along with those little feet of his!  It's funny, because half the time he is trying hard to get away from his mom, even to the point of biting her when she won't let him venture over and play with his half-brother Apollo.  Why, you might ask, does he not just let go? At six months old, he just wants to feel safe, and if there is one thing Bomassa knows, it's that he can count on his mama to provide protection.