Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Gorilla Waves at the Crowd

I stopped in at the North Carolina Zoo on Friday and found Bomassa Gorilla being extra friendly with the visitors. He stood on his mom's leg and looked up at the adults and the peoplekids. Weighing in now at only about eighteen pounds,  this baby gorilla is nonetheless already stronger than the keepers. When full grown, he may be as much as five times stronger than a typical adult human male. There are plenty of theories about why our fellow apes are so much stronger than humans. One says that it might be because we devote so much of our energy and muscle architecture to fine muscle control, which apes have less need of.  Read here about how chimps would make lousy guests in a china shop and then go over and join our Facebook page for more cool articles about primates other charismatic megafauna.

Bomassa Gorilla says Hi