Monday, November 4, 2013

The Tumbling Gorilla

Here's Bomassa, rolling over and falling off his mother's back. Usually he takes a different approach to his dismount, but it's important to try new things. I wonder how his elders did it. Perhaps the exact same way. Some mannerisms do run in the families of gorillas. For example, Olympia holds her right hand up to her ear as though she is talking on a cellphone.  She does it every day, but it's not an indication of an infection or any other discernible problem. I am told that some of Olympia's relatives do the same exact thing! And speaking of relatives and other ancestors,  you can find out some information about Bomassa's grandparents and great grandparents at the Pinterest board about his lineage. We've not managed to illustrate every enchanting character in the bunch,  so by all means, if you know of photos of any of Bomassa's great or great-great-grandparents, do post a link here in the comment section and let us know where to look. We definitely need Trib and Bwana, and I am not entirely sure we have a good picture of Millie Christina yet. She was mother to the very first gorilla ever born in the US.