Monday, November 12, 2012

Separating from Mama

Baby gorilla Bomassa pulls away from his mother.
Would you look at this?? This is momentous!  Bomassa, who was born on August 4, is now getting old enough  to pull away from his mother just a little. In this photo, taken on November 5, he was rocking back and forth on all fours, almost as if getting ready to crawl. The toy of the day was burlap bags, and Bomassa kept nosing up to that bag you see in the front,  and investigating it with his mouth. Jamani is happy to let him lie on the ground for a minute or two now. I saw her let him lie there while she went 6 or 8 feet away.  Just before this photo was taken, she stepped away to pick up a pile of straw, then laid the straw out, and proceeded to lie in the straw next to Bomassa. Exciting times at the Forest Glade!

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