Monday, November 5, 2012

What Baby Gorillas Eat

Jamani munches on browse as Bomassa practices grasping
Baby gorilla is hungry! Here we see young Bomassa reaching for some food, but he won't be ready to eat those leaves for a few months yet. Half brother gorilla boys Apollo and Bomassa are likely to nurse for some three or four years, and when they do start eating solid foods, they will probably begin by nibbling at some grasses.  The gorilla diets in the North Carolina Zoo are strictly managed in hopes of reducing cardiac problems.

What do gorillas eat? These vegetarian apes eat some forty to fifty pounds of food per day, when full grown. They eat browse, which are branches lain about the enclosure, plenty of greens such as lettuce, and they also dine on  bell peppers and some other vegetables. I think I saw a cucumber in there once.