Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who's Who at the Zoo?

The Gorilla Troop at the Forest Glade
In the wild, there can be up to some thirty gorillas living in a troop, but here at the Forest Glade enclosure at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, there are currently six:

  • Nkosi-Adult Male (The Silverback)
  • Acacia-Adult Female 
  • Olympia-Adult Female and mother
  • Jamani-Adult Female and mother 
  • Bomassa-Baby boy, son of Nkosi and Jamani
  • Apollo-Baby boy, son of Nkosi and Olympia

Olympia sits on the right holding Apollo, and Jamani stands on the left, with Bomassa secure on her furry back.  It would be difficult to get a picture of all the gorillas at one time, but the moms hang out pretty close to each other quite often, so that's an easy shot. When are you going for a visit? Bring your camera! These animals are pretty photogenic.