Monday, February 4, 2013

Apollo and Daphne

Greek mythology tells us...
that Apollo and Daphne, as an item,  were never meant to be. Apollo had insulted Eros, and Eros had placed a curse, rendering Apollo in love with Daphne, with Daphne indifferent to his advances. Eros shot Apollo with a golden arrow to inspire love, and Daphne with a leaden arrow, to inspire hatred. She was deeply annoyed with Apollo and his constant attentions, and indeed with those of all her many suitors; she blamed her misfortune on her beautiful looks. So she begged to have her form altered and was changed by her father into a Bay Laurel tree. To this day she never leaves her vivacious state of green, moved to that circumstance by the powers of eternal youth marshalled by Apollo, who never stopped loving her.

Speaking of eternal youth, we take a look back at an old pic, as our own Apollo the gorilla approaches the six month mark. It is hard for us to imagine such a cutie ever being spurned. And too, it's difficult to imagine him growing any bigger.  I have missed seeing Apollo and his half-brother Bomassa for the last few weeks. I bet when I get over there to see them later this week they won't be quite so small any more, and they won't be clinging to their moms every minute. I expect we'll be able to see both baby boy gorillas bouncing off the walls any day now and getting cuter every minute.