Friday, February 15, 2013


Acacia the Invisible Gorilla

Seriously, no one pays much attention to Acacia these days.  She is not the silverback of the gorilla troop in the Forest Glade at the NCZoo, nor is she one of the moms;   therefore, she inspires little excitement. In the past when I have visited, I have seen people nonplussed by the most beautiful and sociable gorilla in the zoo.  She sports such a graceful countenance and often comes close to the glass to interact with the visitors. Yet, as people approach the enclosure, they say WOW about whatever gorilla they see, which is sometimes Acacia and sometimes not. Then they will stare in wonder for a little while at Acacia, or whoever, until eventually, someone pipes up and screams, Oh there's a BABY!  And then everyone rivets their attention on one of the boys.  Often there are further peals of joy when someone finally spies that there is indeed a second baby.  And because the moms are usually holding or being held by the boys, moms Jamani and Olympia get a fair amount of attention as well.

But this could all change in the coming months, for the zoo has just announced that Acacia is expecting!  In June or July, there could be another gorilla baby to inspire the delight of zoo patrons. Let's hope for the best. for Acacia. For unknown reasons, it's quite common for a first time gorilla mom to lose the baby, sometimes as a stillbirth. So we have a ways go on this one. But wouldn't it be great. I am hoping for a girl!