Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gorillas as Charismatic Mega-Vertebrates

Unconditional Mother's Love touches us deeply,  no matter the species. What you can't see here is that Bomassa has been biting his mom. Yep. That is his reaction when she keeps him under wraps. She wants to keep him safe. When he ventures too far from her, she is likely to grab his arm and bring him back. He will then open that toothy mouth of his and apply it to whichever of her body parts is near.

But look how Jamani Gorilla copes with that. She does not shun Bomassa, nor does she let him stray and get into danger. No, she just stands her ground and lavishes more love.  It is no wonder, when people see this kind of behavior, that they fall in love with the gorilla troop at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC, USA.

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In the environmental industry, animals such as gorillas, which are very popular with the public, are called charismatic mega-vertebrates. They are often used to bring attention to areas of the world with endangered ecosystems. When the public responds well by supporting gorillas (or any other popular animal) and their habitat, it is not only the superstar animal which  benefits, but the less  popular species who also make their homes in the forests or deserts or marine areas being targeted.

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