Monday, April 8, 2013

Egg-Stravaganza at North Carolina Zoo

Olympia's taking good care of Apollo. We see her here holding him, but she is also letting him run around and play a little these days.   I wonder if Apollo helped himself to an Easter Egg recently during the Egg-Stravaganza, when the North Carolina Zoo presented the gorillas with some  treat-filled papier-mâché eggs .  WUNC tells us this was part of an enrichment program designed to mentally and physically stimulate the animals, allowing them to find and play with the treats and experience the tastes and smells. As part of the same effort, this is why the gorillas have different enrichment objects placed with them each day.

If you visited the zoo Easter weekend, perhaps you saw either the gorillas or other animals going after those treats which had been carefully placed in their living spaces by zoo personnel. Did you post a pic to Instagram? ZooBabyBlog will be very fortunate if you let us know.  We'd like to see it. Some bloggers didn't get to visit the zoo this weekend to see the fun times.