Monday, April 22, 2013

Maternal Instinct Rages Forth

Gorilla mother keeps baby safe

Bomassa is lolling around in the grass, enjoying a little freedom amongst the weeds, and I am getting ready to take the cutest shot, when suddenly........PANIC!  Jamani Gorilla springs into action the fastest I have ever seen her move. She grabs up her son lightning quick; I was lucky to get any shot  of this at all.    She swings her right hand out to scoop him up at the crotch, ripping up a bunch of grass as well. At the same time she slips her left arm under his to get a secure hold so she can move him quickly out of the path of danger.
Look at that that mother go!
Something has scared her, but its unclear what. This devoted mother was definitely reacting to a sudden scream coming from the gorillas congregating further back. Different people at the window saw the event in different ways, and I did not see it at all, so I can't say for sure who was squabbling with whom, or why.  Usually everyone gets along very well, but sometimes they have a disagreement, always very quickly resolved. With six gorillas in residence, it's impossible to watch them all at all times. Anyway Jamani, amazing mom that she is, is doing a great job keeping her boy safe.