Monday, May 6, 2013

Apollo Gorilla is a Great Ape

I got a kick out of finding a gorilla fan over at Instagram who uses the hashtag #StopCallingUsMonkeys.
Gorillas are not monkeys!  Children visiting our gorillas at the North Carolina Zoo often wrongly call them monkeys, and so do their parents.   Generally speaking monkeys have tails. Gorillas don't have that, and nor do Chimpanzees or Orangutans. These are all apes, and great apes at that.  Monkeys would include animals such as baboons, tamarins, snow monkeys and others. Another feature of an ape is the nose, which is short and broad and not at all snoutlike.  Apollo's nose is a good illustration of this.  Here he is at eight months old, growing up, getting bigger, venturing away from his mom for short periods and looking good!