Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's Move!

When Olympia Gorilla moves at the North Carolina Zoo, she really goes

The Drama Mama was steamrolling over the rocks towards the little waterfall at the Forest Glade area of the North Carolina Zoo.  Son Apollo seems to be very trusting of her ability to hold him tightly and keep him safe as she motors from place to place. He's doing his part too, though. He is gripping that huge furry arm of hers with all his might. 
Soon after I captured this scene, Olympia settled down in the bamboo to munch on some goodies. Apollo crawled a few steps away to play with Bomassa.  When he goes to play, Olympia pretty much just lets him be, even though the boys are getting a little rough with each other. She seems content to turn her back on the two youngsters and let Jamani be the peacekeeper and the disciplinarian.