Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cute Furry Baby Primates at Play

Gorillas learn by playing

Jamani, left, and Olympia stand guard as their babies play
Bomassa and baby brother Apollo are great friends now, playing with each other every chance they get.  Typical boys,  much of their play takes on the appearance of mock fighting.  When they get older, they are going to need to know how to defend themselves and this is how they learn. When they start horsing around you can get a look at their mouths full of teeth. Those chops open wide as they chomp down on the nearest arm or  leg.  
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Moms Olympia and Jamani stay close by. Olympia is a little more non-chalant, while Jamani seems to be the peace keeper. It is usually Jamani's large strong hand which reaches in to stop the fighting when she's seen enough.  She often cradles Apollo's head and tries to redirect his attention, without breaking the boys up. But other times she'll grab hold of Bomassa's arm and  pick him up and take him away. She won't be able to do that forever. These boys are growing fast!  When are you heading out to the North Carolina Zoo to see these delightful creatures for yourself?

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